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New in TQS 2.8

This section lists new features available to authors using TQS 2.8, with links to reference pages for more information.

  • TQSWINDOW element: ADJUSTDPI attribute controls whether window dimensions are scaled when Windows is running at high DPI; SIZEINCLNC attribute allows you to specify whether the window dimensions include the title bar and borders; RESIZABLE attribute controls whether the window can be resized.
  • HANGMAN element: IMAGEBASECOLOR and IMGBODYCOLOR attributes allow you to change the colors of the hangman gallows and body.
  • STATEIMG element: Various attributes allow you to choose the colors used to display state images.
  • enableSpecialImg function: Allows state images displayed in custom location types to use the new colorization support.
  • Variables and element IDs no longer need to be prefixed with S_ as in previous versions.

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