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Quick Facts

Meaning:Charioteer (Proper)
Visible in Latitudes:90° thru -40°
Viewing Season:Winter
Best Seen In:February, 9:00 pm
Transit Date:December 10
Right Ascension:6.00 hours
Declination:41.7 degrees
Area:657.438 sq. degrees

Star Diagram

Star Diagram: Auriga

About Auriga

Auriga, the Charioteer, is believed to have originated with the Babylonians. Auriga may once have had a chariot, but he is most commonly found holding a goat and two children. In his other hand are reins to the missing Chariot. Not much else is known about him; almost every culture includes him, but none agree as to who he was.

The Greeks and the Babylonians depict him as the lame son of Vulcan and Minvera, Erichthonius, who is said to have invented the four horse chariot.

Named Stars

CapellaAlpha Aur
MenkalinanBeta Aur
Al AnzEpsilon Aur
HaediZeta Aur
Hoedus IIEta Aur
HassalehIota Aur

Messier Objects

M36Open Cluster
M37Open Cluster
M38Open Cluster

Neighboring Constellations

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