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Quick Facts

Visible in Latitudes:90° thru -60°
Viewing Season:Fall
Best Seen In:December, 9:00 pm
Transit Date:October 23
Right Ascension:2.66 hours
Declination:20.1 degrees
Area:441.395 sq. degrees

Star Diagram

Star Diagram: Aries

About Aries

Aries is the Ram, the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is usually associated with dawn, the spring or the beginning of life.

According to Greek Mythology, Aries is related to the story of Jason and the Argonauts and their quest for the golden fleece. The fleece came from when Mercury, the messenger of the gods, found that two of King Thebes children (Phrixus and Helle) were being treated badly by their stepmother Ino. Mercury sent a supernatural ram, which could speak and reason, to rescue the two children. The children escaped by clinging to the fleece on the ram as it flew to Colchis. Unfortunately for Helle, she fell off into the sea and drowned. There is a city near Istanbul with the name of Hellespont, possibly named after her. When Phrixus arrived safely, at Colchis, he sacrified the ram in a sacred grove, and hung the fleece up, where it turned to gold.

Named Stars

HamalAlpha Ari
SharatanBeta Ari
MesarthimGamma 2 Ari
BoteinDelta Ari

Neighboring Constellations

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