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Quick Facts

Visible in Latitudes:90° thru -65°
Viewing Season:Fall
Best Seen In:November, 9:00 pm
Transit Date:October 22
Right Ascension:0.85 hours
Declination:11.1 degrees
Area:889.417 sq. degrees

Star Diagram

Star Diagram: Pisces

About Pisces

Pisces, the Fish, appears in the sky between October and December in the Northern Hemisphere, the circle of fishes lies just south of the 'Great Square' of Pegasus.

Pisces is considered the 'last' sign of the zodiac, as Aries is the first. It is a significant constellation today, in that the Vernal Equinox lies within Pisces today.

The original drawings of this constellation had the fish swimming together as a pair, today they are drawn facing in opposite directions tied by a cord which runs through Aries and Aquarius. The fish is an important symbol both in Christian and pagan religions. In early mythology (Babylonian) they appear pushing a giant egg out of the river Euphrates, from the egg emerged the goddess Atagartis. It is thought that she is the basis of a 'fish' cult, in which life is renewed each spring.

In astrology, Pisces is the water sign and is ruled by Neptune. Pisces is considered to be the most mystically inclined of all the signs, as the last of the twelve, it represents the return to the great ocean from which all life evolved, and where all boundaries are dissolved.

Named Stars

AlrishaAlpha Psc
Fum al SamakahBeta Psc
Torcularis SeptentrionalisOmicron Psc

Messier Objects

M74Spiral Galaxy

Neighboring Constellations

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