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TQS Features

TQS includes several built-in modes which you, the author, can use. These include the following:

  • Menus: Display a number of items from which the user can choose. You decide how many columns the selections are put into, whether they are centered, and if they are numbered.
  • Trivia Questions: Cycle through a number of questions, keeping track of score if desired. You decide what type of questions they are (multiple-choice, true-false, type-in-answer, or mixed), whether answers are put in random order, and if a graphic or sound accompanies the question.
  • Hangman: Present a series of hangman words, allowing the user to guess letters through the keyboard or a letter table on the screen.
  • HTML: (New in TQS 2.1) Display chunks of rich HTML to the user.

You can use each of these modes as many times as you wish in your program, giving each of these usages a unique "location." You can use the menu mode to allow the user to choose a location. A common usage is to have a main menu, the selections which lead to submenus which present the final locations to the user.

Other TQS features, included with versions 2.0 and greater, include:

  • Title of your application appears in the window's title bar.
  • About screen displays your title, author name, e-mail, and web site address.
  • Ability to add your own buttons to the bottom of the window (along with the About and Quit buttons) to allow easy navigation to previous menus.
  • Support for playing an audio file while the program is running.
  • Customization of the window's background color or graphic.
  • Customization of text and highlight colors.
  • Easy integration of your own custom modes into the program, using the flexibilty and power of HTML and JScript. (See the Author's Guide for more information.)

TQS 2.1 introduced the following features:

  • The HTML mode, for displaying rich interfaces.
  • Greater built-in keyboard support.
  • Ability to replace the built-in Hangman graphics with your own, and change the number of allowable incorrect letters.
  • Support for adding non-English letters to hangman words.
  • Control over where to load data files (such as images) from, including from the Internet (if the user is online).
  • More location-specific options specifiable in global settings.
  • Customization of 3D colors (such as buttons and scrollbars).

A number of enhancements were introduced in TQS 2.5:

  • Availability of new versions can be checked over the Internet and displayed in the About screen.
  • Use true-false, type-in-answer, or mixed question sets.
  • Play sounds for specific questions.
  • Play sounds when questions are answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • Display text, and/or one or more buttons, when a user has completed a location (answered all questions or guessed all hangman words).
  • Display a description of your application in the About screen.
  • Show location states in menus.
  • Keep track of score from all location types, not just Questions.
  • Display the Report screen, which displays all location's scores, and optionally, subtotals and total score.
  • Use new scoring, state tracking, reporting, sound, and finish button functionality fully from custom location types.

The following new feature was added in TQS 2.6:

  • Ability to embed files within the TQS XML file, using the TQS Embed Utility. Embedded images and sounds can be used just as if they were separate files.

TQS 2.7 introduced the following new features:

  • Specify a custom icon for the TQS window.
  • Display gradient color backgrounds, horizontally and vertically.
  • Control repetition and initial positioning of the background image, or stretch it across the entire window.
  • Control the visual appearance of the TQS window at each level in your location hierarchy.
  • Within custom location types, display rich message boxes to the user.

TQS 2.8 is a minor update to TQS 2.7, with the following new features:

  • Fine-grained control over window dimensions, high DPI support, and window resizability.
  • Customize the colors used in hangman images and state images.
  • An improved internal mechanism for separating custom location types, isolating their implementation from each other and from the implementation of TQS itself.

Using TQS

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