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Quick Facts

Visible in Latitudes:55° thru -90°
Viewing Season:Summer
Best Seen In:August, 9:00 pm
Transit Date:July 13
Right Ascension:19.11 hours
Declination:-25.8 degrees
Area:867.432 sq. degrees

Star Diagram

Star Diagram: Sagittarius

About Sagittarius

Sagittarius probably originated with the Babylonians, as their God of War. He stands with his bow aimed at the heart of Scorpio. In Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron invented Sagittarius so that the Argonauts could find their way to Colchis.

Named Stars

RukbatAlpha Sgr
Arkab PriorBeta 1 Sgr
Arkab PosteriorBeta 2 Sgr
NashGamma 2 Sgr
Kaus MeridionalisDelta Sgr
Kaus AustralisEpsilon Sgr
AscellaZeta Sgr
Kaus BorealisLambda Sgr
Ain al RamiNu 1 Sgr
AlbaldahPi Sgr
NunkiSigma Sgr
TerebellumOmega Sgr
Terebellum59 Sgr
Terebellum60 Sgr
Terebellum62 Scr

Messier Objects

M8Diffuse Nebula
M17Diffuse Nebula
M18Open Cluster
M20Diffuse Nebula
M21Open Cluster
M22Globular Cluster
M23Open Cluster
M24Star Cloud with Open Cluster
M25Open Cluster
M28Globular Cluster
M54Globular Cluster
M55Globular Cluster
M69Globular Cluster
M70Globular Cluster
M75Globular Cluster

Neighboring Constellations

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