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Quick Facts

Meaning:Hunter (Proper)
Visible in Latitudes:85° thru -75°
Viewing Season:Winter
Best Seen In:January, 9:00 pm
Transit Date:December 23
Right Ascension:5.59 hours
Declination:4.64 degrees
Area:594.120 sq. degrees

Star Diagram

Star Diagram: Orion

About Orion

Orion, the Giant Hunter or Warrior, was a giant so tall that he could wade through any sea. His first marriage ended when the boastfulness of his first wife got her banished to the underworld. Orion was blinded by a jealous father when he fell in love with a Greek princess, but regained his sight when an oracle told him to look into the sun at dawn. When he saw Aurora, the goddess of dawn, they fell in love. All was well until Orion was stung by a Scorpion and died. In order to honor him and protect him from his enemy, he rises in the east as his enemy, the Scorpion, sets in the West. Orion is never seen at the same time as the Scorpion. Along with Orion himself, his dogs as well as the animals he hunted were placed in the sky.

Orion was used to predict the seasons; a midnight rising of Orion meant that the grapes were ready to harvest, while a morning rising meant that Summer was beginning, and an evening rising meant that winter is here.

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Neighboring Constellations

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