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(Source: Peer Music, Spring 2000)

When the 15 year old Hamburg school girl, Jasmin Wagner, first popped up in the Media Control sales charts in November, 1995 with a high-spirited rave/pop remake of Paso Doble's German New Wave hit, "Herz An Herz" (Heart To Heart), which eventually reached No. 4 in the charts, not even the cleverest music gurus could predict the course the pretty newcomer's career would take. Indeed, while many of her "hit parade colleagues" from those days have completely given up making music, and others are seeking their underground identity in quasi-credible sound experiments, Blümchen (Blossom) metamorphosed into one of the most interesting and productive German pop acts of the 90s within less than three years. The young singer can already point to over a dozen hit singles, two gold albums and numerous prestigious awards.

In light of this track record one really must admit that Blümchen's discoverers, Stani "Silence" Djukanovic and Arn "Paralyzer" Schlürmann, really have a competent nose for talent. The Hamburg-based producers first met Jasmin at a German New Wave party in the Hanseatic city and were immediately enthralled by her naturalness and spirit. Did the team have a premonition that this schoolgirl would also be able to perform in front of thousands of enthusiastic teenagers (during her extensive tours) and to millions of viewers (in interviews, as talk guest in such hit TV programs as "Wetten dass....", or as mistress of ceremony of the RTL "Mini-Playback Show" and Disney Film Parade)?

In the meantime it is evident that BLümchen has been gifted with a rare and exceptional natural talent in both musicality and communication. After all: how many very talented artists, especially here in Germany, are not successful because they are not able to properly place themselves in the public eye? And how often have we seen charming media darlings who are incapable of recording a reasonable hit single, not even to mention an entire chart album? But back to Blümchen. The winner of numerous Bravo "Otto Awards" will turn 20 this year and has already released four albums. In the wake of the first three LPs ("Herzfrequenz", "Verliebt" and "Jasmin") (Heart Frequency, In Love, Jasmin) her first live album, "Blümchen - Live In Berlin" was released at the end of 1999, which includes such trademark classics as "Boomerang", "Herz An Herz", Gib Mir Noch Zeit" (Give Me More Time) and many more.

In March, 1999, Blümchen was awarded the German Phono Academy's Echo Award for the second time in the category "Best National Female Artist 1998". Two years prior she also was awarded the same prize and she has again been nominated for the prize this year. After two gold albums and 14 hit singles!

Things grew quiet around Blümchen in Germany about a year ago - she spent some time in the USA and toured Northern Europe. Norway and Sweden had picked up on Blümchen's sound - in Norway Blümchen ended the old millennium at the top of the singles charts with "Heut' Ist Mein Tag" (Today Is My Day). The song went gold in Sweden in November of 1999. In Germany she released the power-packed Christmas single, "Unter'm Weihnachtsbaum" (Under A Christmas Tree).

Now spring has sprung and that, as everybody knows, is just the right time for "Blossoms". She is ready with a new, somewhat softer sound. The new single, "Ist Deine Liebe Echt?" (Is Your Love Real) is not a 180 degree turn from Blümchen - but the prominent 180 bpm have been toned down a bit. It is more a groovy pop sound, that will accompany us through the summer.

Blümchen's fourth German tour is scheduled for the end of 2000. This will give her the opportunity to personally present her newest hits from her new album to be released this summer and many other songs to her fans.

Quick Facts

Real name:Jasmin Wagner
Lives in:Hamburg, Germany
Birthdate:April 20, 1980
Parents:Father: Fritz Jochim
Mother: Marija Wagner
Siblings:Brother: Christian
Eye Color:Blue/Green
Hair Color:Brunette
Hobbies:Going to the movies, cheerleading, dancing, inline skating
Favorite Subjects:Art and Politics
Least Favorite Subjects:Math and Physics
Favorite Foods:Sushi and pasta
Favorite Beverage:Fruit juices
Favorite Actors:Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster
Favorite Music:Fugees - The Score
Favorite Animals:Dolphins and horses
Favorite Colors:Red and blue

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