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A German Techno Diva?

The worst techno diva? Or the sweetest girl? Well, Café Nät's Johan Dufvenmark got a little charmed by her. And it seems like Blümchen started to like Johan, because she exposed: "I've tried pot. Two times."

Heut' Ist Mein Tag, today is my day, pumped in with 192 bpm with Blümchen, that bubbled energy from stage. It's almost shameless to boast your youth like that. That's what I thought.

"Sure it's possible to do faster songs. I've done one with 210 bpm! Dance to it? Of course you can, you'll just have to move faster," Jasmin Wagner (her real name) says, looking a little unsympathetic.

I expected a German techno diva with a Mercedes, a luxury-house in the middle of the city and her own Dr Feelgood that always tried to make her feel good. My first impression is good. Jasmin is over 1.85 tall and she doesn't do like the tallest girl in class: shrinks and wears flat trainers. No, she stretches herself and wears shoes with a 10 centimeter high sole.

During last year's Love Parade, Swedish papers wrote that Blümchen had been seen in the hip clubs in Berlin, high as a house. Actually I thought that she would be Café Nät's Love Parade Guide. But I got surprised. Jasmin is not a techno diva. She is a very sweet girl from Hamburg.

Both me and the photographer David Berling got in love and silly, just the way you get when you've just seen a movie with Andie MacDowell. She lives with her mum and dad and she doesn't even like to go shopping!

"It's very unusual for girls, but I hate going and buying clothes. Running around all over the city with a lot of bags?! I try, but I always end up in a restaurant. I love food."

But it's getting worse... She has never been at Love Parade, she likes rock better than techno and when she goes out she drinks apfelblaffel (or something like that), a mixture of apple juice and mineral water.

"Alcohol? Okay, I like the drink Capriña. But I never drink it at official parties. Just when I'm home with my friends. I don't want to make a fool out of myself when I can be seen.

Blümchen is very professional. She was a star already at the age of 15 in Germany and she answers very politely to all the questions. But she gets really happy when she hears about the drug rumors in the Swedish papers.

"Is it true? Did they write that I was high at clubs? It must be my energy that makes people think that. In Germany they still see me as a child star and they never write things like that."

She looks proud.

"At least they see me as a grown up here. My 20th birthday is April 20th. It's a big day for me."

Jasmin gets so happy that she forgets to be professional and tells us:

"I've smoked pot. Two times. My brother was a skater before. He smoked a lot. I got curious and wondered why they wanted to smoke that all the time. But it was really yucky. Not good for your vocal cords at all."

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