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Blümchen, Do A Makeover!

FRIDA's reporter was told to get a new look. And who can make a rockergirl into a flower if not Blümchen herself? Join us in our hysterical shopping round!


Suddenly, the chief editor stands right next to me. She pinched her own skirt and looked at us with disliking in her eyes.

"Damn! My editorial office looks like Hell's Angels! Just look at yourself, Pernilla. You just sit there with a leather bracelet, a motorbike jacket and a t-shirt with the words "bitch" on your back. I'm tired of being insulted every time you turn around! You're going to meet Blümchen today, aren't you? That's a sweet and romantic girl. Let her do a makeover on you! Yes! I want to see frills, Pernilla!"

Blümchen laughs when I tell her about my problem.

"We'll fix that," she says as she huddles in her warmest jacket. We go arm in arm down Hamngatan in Stockholm and talk about shopping, just like any girl friends. Well, almost, if you don't look at the tail of ZTV-guys with cameras that follows us around. Blümchen admits that she doesn't really adore the camera team.

"It's okay for a while, but they have followed me around everywhere for TWO DAYS! It feels like I'm a part of a Real World show. Why do they want to film me while I'm eating?!"

When we enter NK's clothing department, Blümchen blows up in a firework of smiles, because it's her first visit here. She scans through the area.

"There! Kookaï is one of my favourite shops; we'll probably find something for you there!"

"Okay." I follow Blümchen as she rushes in to the shop and starts to look through the shelves. After a while, I'm hidden behind a little pile of skirts, transparent blouses, and flouncy tops that Blümchen looks at critically.

"Go in there and try them on," she says, satisfied, and gives me an encouraging tap on my shoulder. It's needed. The shirt that is Blümchen's number one choice features a large rosebud. And the skirt looks like some kind of crumpled waterfall of pink tulle. Do I really have to show myself in this?

"Take this," she says, and gives me a long gray skirt without any crap on.

"This is probably more 'your style.' But the rosebud shirt is really nice, you won't get away from that," she says with a wolfgrin.

"Give me your snake bracelet and the G-Shock watch," I hear, and I see an angry Blümchen fist that comes into the fitting cubicle.

"Okay, okay." I sigh sadly, collect my skirts and get ready.

Blümchen, who has bought a nice knitted sweather, stands next to the sales clerks and smiles like a proud mother. Fanfares. I stick out a toe like an old lady that is going to take a bath and walk into the footlights.

"Look, look, a new Pernilla," photographer Peter laughs. I'm almost a little happy, but then I see the ZTV-cameras that still follow us around. Oh no, it won't be that fun! Run for your life! I escape into the fitting cubicle and jump into my jeans again. Blümchen comforts me by saying that at least I won't need to be followed around by them when I'm not with her. It's time to go and look for my motorbike jacket that seems to have disappeared. I ask Blümchen and her innocent eyes look up at the ceiling as she mumbles something very suspicious. After a lot of prying, I find it in the LOW PRICE BARREL! When I try to pick it up, Blümchen sits on the barrel and stops me.

"Get a long coat with a fur collar instead, it would fit your new romantic style better."

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