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My dream man must be much older than me

By Andreas Besch, Bildwoche (1997)

Young star Blümchen (17): "My dream man must be much older than me--at least 20..."

She is Germany's new Dancing Queen. The secret of her success: She sings in German! An honest interview about Girlie power, career, and love.

"Herz an Herz, hörst du mich? S.O.S., ich liebe dich..."

Even 10-year-old kids join in her songs because she sings in German. Teenies are dancing because the techno beat is correct. They idolize her fresh-merry voice because she is one of them.

Blümchen--the Nena of the 90's, the new German Dancing Queen!

Jasmin Wagner, which is Blümchen's real name, is sweet 17 years young and lives in Hamburg. A record producer addressed her at a "New German Wave" party in 1995. Jasmin bitingly: "I will not fall for such a stupid flirt-trick!" Nevertheless she took his visiting card...

Four weeks later, Blümchen's Techno hit tune "Herz An Herz" reached Top 10. Blümchen is moderating TV Shows ("Heart Attack", "Pop Explosion") and received the "Echo" award as the best female singer. On Sunday (September 28th) she will get the "Goldene Stimmgabel" (golden tuning fork) award!

Bildwoche has met the Goldie-Girlie in a hotel in Berlin.

"Blümchen" is radiant with happiness and always laughs, and has full girlie power. Is Jasmin exactly the same?

Blümchen is a part of me. But there is also another, serious side.

What does it look like?

When I am at home in Hamburg with my mother and my brother, I enjoy the complete silence. The TV set remains off, I just loaf about, sleep a lot and for a long time. If I listen to music, then usually classical.

What? Techno and classical--does that fit?

Oh yes! I have a solid singing background behind me--in classical music.

You supposedly dropped out of school...

So much nonsense is written! I completed the real graduation and then left school--because I've decided for music. You cannot swot and make music at the same time. Getting both well done is impossible. But maybe I'll do the graduation examination later.

Can you go into a disco as a "normal" teenager?

Difficult. But I've never been a big disco fan--that doesn't get me anywhere. I'd rather go eating ice cream with friends.

Your new album is called "In Love"--are you in love at the moment?

No. (Long pause.)

Problems with it?

Well. Love--that's more difficult for me than for other girls. Which boy at my age can deal with the fact that his girlfriend is mega-successful?!

Have you often been cheated already?

What is it? I am only 17! I did not have decent dear grief ever... There's enough fuss and diverson in the job. However, if I watch my l5-year-old brother "trying" sometimes here and sometimes there--that's not my thing. I am evenly a girl...

Thus you are waiting for your dream man. What does he look like?

Appearance is not so important. But his eyes--they must be able to tell much. In eyes I can read many things. Whether he is content with himself for example. In addition, that means: he would have to be much older than I--at least 20!

What kind of people can you not stand?

Those who only think of themselves!

17 years--what are Blümchen's dreams?

Having lots of time one of these days and travel to Australia. For two or three months. Large cities, the desert, sharks, and crocodiles--that's it!

You are playing in a sequel of "Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten" (Good Times, Bad Times). Wanna be an actress?

No, that was only a unique excursion.

What does luck mean to you?

If I can help others! And be it through my music: Once I received a fan letter from a boy. His girlfriend had run away. He played to her my "Herz An Herz"--and they are together again. Great, isn't it?!

The slogan of your life?

Only those who don't begrudge others will also win!

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