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Boyfriends are a private question

You are without a doubt big in Germany. But not many people in Sweden know who you are... so who are you?

"I'm an 18-year-old girl from Hamburg who loves music. I've been performing since I was 15 and I released my first single when I was 16 years old. I've sold 4,000,000 records now. The CDs are german techno music."

Why did you choose to sing in German?

"When I started to make music, German was the only language I could speak, I hadn't learned another language. And I chose to sing in German because I think it's a beautiful language."

You're a superstar in Germany. Is it tough to be that famous?

"It's not like I need bodyguards. But people often stare at me and sometimes they come and want to talk. My song have been on the charts for many years, and I'm a moderator for a TV show, so it's not very weird that I'm famous."

What kind of TV show is it?

"Children who mime to famous artists."

Okay, that show is popular here, too. Agneta Sjödin is the moderator for it here in Sweden.

Do you have a boyfriend?

"That's a private question."

Come on!

"I date guys. But I travel so much that I don't have any time for a relationship. I'd rather sleep in my spare time."

Are you a sex symbol in Germany?

"Errr, I don't know. Some people think I look good. But I'm not blond and I don't have big boobs. It's those kind of girls that seems to be the most popular. And I'm only 18 years old."

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