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TQS Tutorial

Welcome to the Trivia Quiz Shell tutorial! Divided into seventeen parts, this tutorial will show you step by step how to create customized applications for TQS. While you may use a program such as Microsoft XML Notepad, this tutorial will develop TQS files by hand. You may use Windows Notepad or any other text editor to create TQS files.

Parts I through X cover the features available beginning with TQS 2.0; subsequent parts cover features introduced in subsequent versions of TQS.

Browse through the tutorial online or download it (310 KB) and view it on your computer using TQS 2.8.

Tutorial Contents

  1. XML and TQS Basics
  2. Title and Author Information
  3. A Single-Location Application: Hangman
  4. Adding and Customizing a Menu
  5. Implementing Navigation Buttons
  6. Adding and Customizing Trivia Questions
  7. Customizing the TQS Window
  8. Creating a Location Hierarchy
  9. Global Settings and Buttons
  10. Advanced Customization
  11. HTML Locations and the Data Root (TQS 2.1)
  12. Question Types, Sounds, and Finish Buttons (TQS 2.5)
  13. Reports, Scoring, and Location States (TQS 2.5)
  14. New Customization Features (TQS 2.5)
  15. Embedding Files in TQS Applications (TQS 2.6)
  16. Advanced TQS Window Options (TQS 2.7)

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