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The following are several screenshots of TQS applications. Some are from the World Literature Trivia sample that is included with TQS; some others are from samples that are available for download. These images show a variety of features supported by TQS, and offers a glimpse at the range of possibilities for your applications.

Click an image to enlarge.

Trivia Questions

Multiple-choice questions: hovering over an answer

Multiple-choice questions: After choosing an incorrect answer

True-false questions: hovering over an answer; scoring enabled

Type-in-answer questions: After typing the correct answer; scoring enabled

Question with image; scoring enabled

True-false question; scoring enabled


Hangman: Before choosing any letters

Hangman: After choosing some letters

Custom text and button after guessing all Hangman words; scoring enabled

Blümchen Hangman, with custom character set

Menus, Reports, and HTML

A left-aligned, numbered menu

A menu with state images, showing which items have been completed

A report of the user's scores

An HTML location

TQS Embed Utility

A TQS application with no embedded files

A TQS application with two embedded files

Viewing an embedded image file

Playing an embedded sound file

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