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EMBEDROOT Dynamic Value

Specifies the URL prefix that must be used to reference embedded files.


Files embedded in a TQS application are accessed via a special URL protocol and a path containing a unique identifier. In order for HTML and custom locations to correctly refer to these files, they must be able to prefix the file names with the necessary URL protocol and path. The EMBEDROOT dynamic value contains this path, with a trailing slash.


    <IMG SRC="%EMB%img.jpg"/>

If the EMBEDROOT value is bmwscxml://{D3A89AD6-C02C-4FDB-84C4-30A26F0C4691}/, then TQS will change the HTML code into:

<IMG SRC="bmwscxml://{D3A89AD6-C02C-4FDB-84C4-30A26F0C4691}/img.jpg"/>

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