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CUSTOM_* Element

Contains all type-specific data for a location of type "CUSTOM_*".

Note: "CUSTOM_*" is not the specific name of an element; it represents any custom-defined location type, such as CUSTOM_FOO, CUSTOM_BAR, etc.


Dependent upon the format you choose.


Dependent upon the format you choose.

TQS 2.5 The SHOWSCORE attribute is supported. If set to "1", TQS will display score statistics for the current location, such as number tried, correct, wrong, and percent correct. You must use the scoring functions to manipulate the scores. Defaults to being hidden.


CUSTOM_* elements are used within the LOC element to provide location-specific data, and may be used within the GLOBAL element to provide global settings.


The following child elements are supported:

Usage of other child elements is dependent upon the format you choose.


All data specific to a particular location, but for a given CUSTOM_* type, goes under the CUSTOM_* element. How this data is organized and used is up to you, the author of the custom location type.


      <FOO BAR="Foo 1"/>
      <FOO BAR="Foo 2"/>
    <BAR COLOR="#00FF00"/>

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