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About the Property Handler

Windows Explorer's details view displays additional file metadata in various columns, including file type, size, and modification date. In Windows XP, picture folders display a column for the image's dimensions; in addition, the columns in each folder are customizable.

The dimensions for common image formats such as JPEG, GIF, and BMP are supported by Windows XP out of the box. Microsoft allows third parties to develop property handlers that provide metadata for a file which can then be displayed in Windows Explorer columns. PSP Thumbnail Handler 2.0 includes a property handler for Paint Shop Pro files, that extracts the image's dimensions.

Windows Explorer displays additional file properties in the Summary page of a file's property sheet. For standard image files, this includes dimensions, color depth, and resolution. PSP Thumbnail Handler 2.0's property handler provides this data to the Summary page for PSP format files. To access this information, you must hold down the shift key while viewing the property page, and make sure the page is in advanced mode by clicking the Advanced button while shift is held down.


Before installing PSP Thumbnail Handler
Dimensions column
After installing PSP Thumbnail Handler
Summary property page

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