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What is MediaCD?

MediaCD 3.5 is a complete solution for creating customized, autorun-enabled media discs for archival or distriubtion. It is aimed at digital media enthusiasts and video production professionals, but can be used by anyone for a variety of purposes:

  • Create a customized collection of music videos and songs by your favorite artist.
  • Distribute discs of promotional or informational videos about your business and its products.
  • Quickly produce discs containing educational or training videos.
  • Create albums of videos and pictures of your family.

MediaCD 3.5 consists of the following programs:

  • MediaCD Menu: The starting point for accessing MediaCD 3.5 features: running MediaCD Viewer, creating new CD configurations, opening existing and sample configurations, and more.
  • MediaCD Viewer: The program that lists and plays the media files for your CD configuration.
  • MediaCD Creator: An editor for customizing the appearance and behavior of MediaCD Viewer and for writing your own CDs.

What is MediaCD Viewer?

MediaCD Viewer is a powerful, lightweight program that runs automatically when you insert a CD created with MediaCD into a computer running Windows. It is designed for easy viewing of the media files on the CD.

When run, MediaCD Viewer scans the CD and its subfolders for media files. These files are listed in the right half of the MediaCD Viewer window. When you click on a file, MediaCD Viewer opens the media file with the corresponding embedded media player in the left half of the window.

What is MediaCD Creator?

MediaCD uses a configuration file to allow you to customize MediaCD Viewer's colors, background image, icon, window size, file formats, and more. MediaCD Creator lets you easily create and edit your own custom configuration, as well as write CDs.

MediaCD Creator allows you to create, open, save, edit, preview, and write configurations to CD. It utilizes a form-based user interface, through which you can specify custom settings or choose to use the default settings instead.

What's New in MediaCD 3.5?

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