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Custom Concentration Features

Custom Concentration is a powerful but easy-to-use game that tests your memory in matching images. The following are some of Custom Concentration's special features:

  • Play any of the eight included games: Assorted Graphics, Foods, Animals, Flowers, Cards, Computers, Windows XP, and Documents.
  • Create the gameboard at any size you wish, from easy boards (such as 4x3 tiles) to challenging boards (such as 10x6).
  • View correct and incorrect matches, and elapsed time, on the window's status bar.
  • Use the built-in, sophisticated game editor, to add, remove, or resize graphics from existing games.
  • Or, use the editor to create your own games from images on your computer or downloaded from the Internet.
  • Customize sound events for when you get a correct match, an incorrect match, and when you win the game. Default sound files are installed.
  • View a 3D animation when you win the game.
  • Automatically be notified of new versions and additional games available for download from this web site.
  • Get help when you need it with Custom Concentration Help.

What's New in Custom Concentration 1.6?

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